I am a stay at home mother of 2 adorable boys, and I am married to an amazing Man! I am in the midst of planning a family holiday to Europe, which is my life long dream (which originally did not include the children) and am learning to fit into a small coastal town where everyone knows everyone, and everything about them.

 My most recent challenges include

* trying to develop my love of cooking or should I say love of trying to cook, (with Master 4’s help of course).

* trying to read all the novels on my TO read list, without being interrupted every two lines (near impossible)

* trying to keep up with fashion and all things pretty and girly, (most of the time whilst still wearing very comfy yet stylish pj’s in the comfort of my own home in front of the trusty computer.

* trying to start and stick to a health regime, (who knew how much exercise you can get done when there is a tv in front of your treadmill!)

All whilst trying to get on with the daily household runnings, like pre school runs, endless piles of washing and an ongoing supply of baby spew and smelly nappies!

Now I have decided to do something for me, (the treadmill running is all to keep my awesome husband dishing out the compliments of course!). I am going to have a crack at starting to write! A lifetime passion that has always taken a backseat to life!

So I started this blog to post about life, love, children and my much longed for trip to Europe kids and all!

Hope you enjoy the world that is me!


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