I’ve Done it!

I have finally done it! I joined the gym.

I guess it could be a new years resolution but really I want to be realistic about this I am the type of person that starts somethings and is so impatient to get to the finish that I give up altogether instead of just working toward the goal faster. So instead its just going to start as a small goal and that is to attend the 5 classes a week that I have signed up for the next 6 weeks.

Oh yeh and then there is also the eating healthy plan, keeping a diary of all that I consume (and no cheating by leaving things off!) and the take home plan exercise too, I don’t know where I am going to find the time but I am determined, very determined. Today anyway.

I havent joined just to loose heaps of weight some of course but I am being realistic in what I can achieve in these 6 weeks. I have done it so that for the upcoming very special day that is my sister in laws wedding where I have the great honour of being Matron of Honour so I want to make sure that I look my very very best for her photos, you know toned and buff and all that Jazz without hours of photoshopping required.

It’s not like I don’t exercise already, every mum does and I was quite surprised at the extent that I do without realising it. I spend at hours each day chasing kids around the yard, going up and down stairs to get food and drinks (as our play area is downstairs and my kitchen is up!), not to mention the walk everyday to get bread, we troop into town through the little bushland near our house which is a lovely walk however on the way back that small slope through the bushland turns into a giant mountain we climb and pushing a pram through it is hard work! i really think I should have very muscly and strong arms from that alone, apparently not though, as I found out this morning doing my fitness test 7 push up and I was shaking and couldn’t do No more.

Then of course there is work I am sure I walk the daily required steps 2 or even 3 times over in one night, and then of course there is all the squats I do as I bob down to take orders, and then there is balancing the very heavy very hot plates to the best of my ability, whilst trying to avoid that inevitable first plate smashing.

So although I know that I am active and I am constantly on the go and have things that do keep me in more shape then at first I assumed I know that being apart of this beautiful little gym, making friends and learning new things along the way is the best thing that I can do for my sanity this year. Because it’s not just about loosing weight or looking good, it’s the feeling got physically, emotionally and mentally that I am aiming to achieve from this little exercise.

Then who knows once I have accomplished the first goal of the impending wedding I may just be hooked to this new world that I have become apart of! I may even be able to hold my plank for more than 20secs at a time!



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