The Good Days

I know that most of the times I am writing about the naughty things my 2 treasures are up to the mischief they have got up to and the problems they have been causing me.

They do however, also have their good days. We have days where all of us are behaving and get along just fine. Then other days only one of them will be wearing their cranky pants. The days we are all wearing cranky pants are definitely the most difficult and tiring in every way.

Yesterday was a good day for Master 5, it left me with hope for his Kindergarten teacher. We made the dreaded long drive to Sydney to do some shopping and as a pay off I promised we would line up for an hour for him to get into the play area that was attached to the shopping centre.

An hour line for an hour play a fair trade I am sure. I was anxious as we lined up at how his behaviour was going to be, I didn’t want to threaten that if he misbehaved he couldn’t go in then I would have him with me for the hour I had planned for getting the majority of my shopping done.

Surprisingly though he stood there quietly for the full 45 mins that we ended up waiting, he didnt complain he didn’t whinge once, we talked about what he was going to play with when he got inside and then he just stood quietly and waited.

When I went back to pick him up he got into the bottom seat of the pram with his ipad and I didnt hear boo out of him until the battery died at which time I gave him my phone to play with instead.

He ate all of his lunch without a word of encouragement or threat and then sat back under the pram whilst we continued shopping.

He waited patiently for the roadside assistance to come and recharge our battery and then he ate all his dinner and only complained once or twice on the 3hour drive home.

It was such a surreal day that I am sure I will be using it in the future as a comparison for him.

The best part of the day though was seeing his little face light up when I told him how very proud  I was of him for the way he behaved all day long!

It also reminded me that the good praise is what gets results and that I definitely need to make a consious effort to do that much more often.

Master 1 however was a totally different story!



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