The School Holidays

I now understand the dread that some people face every year at christmas time with School holidays. Especially when there is more than one child to keep occupied. I never thought 2 children could play so nice together and fight so viciously within the space of 20minutes.

Previously I have had the luck of only having Master 5 at home for 2 weeks over the Christmas break due to him being in long day care and pre school. So the pressure to find activities to keep him occupied has not been quite as severe as I have found it this year.

The shock that I have experienced in regards to this over these past 4weeks has me struggling to stick with my new year plan of working on my patience and I still have a nother 3 to go!

It’s not that I don’t like having him at home, I love the animated conversations that we have and the crazy loungeroom dancing that we do, but the constant boredom cries of “I’m hungry” or “there is nothing to do” has been quite overwhelming.

During the year whilst he was at preschool, we had a great routine for the 3 days that he was at home, with just me and Master 1. We did cooking, and painting, read stories and watched a movie here or there, but it seems filling in those extra 2 days is near impossible.

I have even taken to trawling websites to come up with activities that we can do that he may keep interest in for more than 10minutes at a time,  not quite as easy as I predicted.

Being near the beach you think it would be alot easier for me to occupy the extra time. However, I find it quite difficult trekking to the beach alone with the 2 boys for the day so we have had to minimise it only going for an hour or two at a time.

Then there is the crazy weather which has made it near impossible to plan from one day to the next .  One day it’s so hot you can’t even walk on the sand the next it’s so cold and windy they can’t even venture outside.

So as another week draws to a close and the next one looms, I again find myself to try to find some sort of plan for the coming week that is going to put an end to the frustration of boredom and the new habit of eating everything in my cupboard in one day!




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