I’ve Done it!

I have finally done it! I joined the gym.

I guess it could be a new years resolution but really I want to be realistic about this I am the type of person that starts somethings and is so impatient to get to the finish that I give up altogether instead of just working toward the goal faster. So instead its just going to start as a small goal and that is to attend the 5 classes a week that I have signed up for the next 6 weeks.

Oh yeh and then there is also the eating healthy plan, keeping a diary of all that I consume (and no cheating by leaving things off!) and the take home plan exercise too, I don’t know where I am going to find the time but I am determined, very determined. Today anyway.

I havent joined just to loose heaps of weight some of course but I am being realistic in what I can achieve in these 6 weeks. I have done it so that for the upcoming very special day that is my sister in laws wedding where I have the great honour of being Matron of Honour so I want to make sure that I look my very very best for her photos, you know toned and buff and all that Jazz without hours of photoshopping required.

It’s not like I don’t exercise already, every mum does and I was quite surprised at the extent that I do without realising it. I spend at hours each day chasing kids around the yard, going up and down stairs to get food and drinks (as our play area is downstairs and my kitchen is up!), not to mention the walk everyday to get bread, we troop into town through the little bushland near our house which is a lovely walk however on the way back that small slope through the bushland turns into a giant mountain we climb and pushing a pram through it is hard work! i really think I should have very muscly and strong arms from that alone, apparently not though, as I found out this morning doing my fitness test 7 push up and I was shaking and couldn’t do No more.

Then of course there is work I am sure I walk the daily required steps 2 or even 3 times over in one night, and then of course there is all the squats I do as I bob down to take orders, and then there is balancing the very heavy very hot plates to the best of my ability, whilst trying to avoid that inevitable first plate smashing.

So although I know that I am active and I am constantly on the go and have things that do keep me in more shape then at first I assumed I know that being apart of this beautiful little gym, making friends and learning new things along the way is the best thing that I can do for my sanity this year. Because it’s not just about loosing weight or looking good, it’s the feeling got physically, emotionally and mentally that I am aiming to achieve from this little exercise.

Then who knows once I have accomplished the first goal of the impending wedding I may just be hooked to this new world that I have become apart of! I may even be able to hold my plank for more than 20secs at a time!



The Good Days

I know that most of the times I am writing about the naughty things my 2 treasures are up to the mischief they have got up to and the problems they have been causing me.

They do however, also have their good days. We have days where all of us are behaving and get along just fine. Then other days only one of them will be wearing their cranky pants. The days we are all wearing cranky pants are definitely the most difficult and tiring in every way.

Yesterday was a good day for Master 5, it left me with hope for his Kindergarten teacher. We made the dreaded long drive to Sydney to do some shopping and as a pay off I promised we would line up for an hour for him to get into the play area that was attached to the shopping centre.

An hour line for an hour play a fair trade I am sure. I was anxious as we lined up at how his behaviour was going to be, I didn’t want to threaten that if he misbehaved he couldn’t go in then I would have him with me for the hour I had planned for getting the majority of my shopping done.

Surprisingly though he stood there quietly for the full 45 mins that we ended up waiting, he didnt complain he didn’t whinge once, we talked about what he was going to play with when he got inside and then he just stood quietly and waited.

When I went back to pick him up he got into the bottom seat of the pram with his ipad and I didnt hear boo out of him until the battery died at which time I gave him my phone to play with instead.

He ate all of his lunch without a word of encouragement or threat and then sat back under the pram whilst we continued shopping.

He waited patiently for the roadside assistance to come and recharge our battery and then he ate all his dinner and only complained once or twice on the 3hour drive home.

It was such a surreal day that I am sure I will be using it in the future as a comparison for him.

The best part of the day though was seeing his little face light up when I told him how very proud  I was of him for the way he behaved all day long!

It also reminded me that the good praise is what gets results and that I definitely need to make a consious effort to do that much more often.

Master 1 however was a totally different story!


The School Holidays

I now understand the dread that some people face every year at christmas time with School holidays. Especially when there is more than one child to keep occupied. I never thought 2 children could play so nice together and fight so viciously within the space of 20minutes.

Previously I have had the luck of only having Master 5 at home for 2 weeks over the Christmas break due to him being in long day care and pre school. So the pressure to find activities to keep him occupied has not been quite as severe as I have found it this year.

The shock that I have experienced in regards to this over these past 4weeks has me struggling to stick with my new year plan of working on my patience and I still have a nother 3 to go!

It’s not that I don’t like having him at home, I love the animated conversations that we have and the crazy loungeroom dancing that we do, but the constant boredom cries of “I’m hungry” or “there is nothing to do” has been quite overwhelming.

During the year whilst he was at preschool, we had a great routine for the 3 days that he was at home, with just me and Master 1. We did cooking, and painting, read stories and watched a movie here or there, but it seems filling in those extra 2 days is near impossible.

I have even taken to trawling websites to come up with activities that we can do that he may keep interest in for more than 10minutes at a time,  not quite as easy as I predicted.

Being near the beach you think it would be alot easier for me to occupy the extra time. However, I find it quite difficult trekking to the beach alone with the 2 boys for the day so we have had to minimise it only going for an hour or two at a time.

Then there is the crazy weather which has made it near impossible to plan from one day to the next .  One day it’s so hot you can’t even walk on the sand the next it’s so cold and windy they can’t even venture outside.

So as another week draws to a close and the next one looms, I again find myself to try to find some sort of plan for the coming week that is going to put an end to the frustration of boredom and the new habit of eating everything in my cupboard in one day!



Welcome 2013

Yes finally I am up to writing about 2013, only what to say…

I expect this year like the last to hold many celebrations, we have engagements and weddings booked in and of course the fun hens day and bucks shows to accompany them. We are expecting a small army of little babies from friends and family which is so very exciting. I just love having little babies to spoil and snuggle and cuddle!

Already though I have had to say goodbye to a friend and as hopeful as I am that is the only funeral I will need to attend, no one knows what is in store for the year.

I think that is what makes the beginning of the year so exciting and so frightening all at the same time. There is so much to look forward to so much to already be thankful for, a fresh start to all your plans, your goals, it is a clean start. But you never know what will happen until it does and that is scary, that causes pause and it causes hesitation.

The best we can do is try to live each day to the fullest, and yes that is a cliché but it is one that works it is one that really does hold the fullest potential of who we are, who we want to become and how we get there.

So in saying that to help reach my fullest potential this year I am going to TRY and make some changes. This is hard for me as I am not usually a planner, I take each day as it comes however, I have realised that does not mean that I make the most of each of those days, so this year I plan on making a plan.

The idea is that maybe if I record a few of the things that this year I would like to achieve then I can genuinely work towards them and I can be held accountable for those actions. So here goes it is a bit of a mixture of emotional goals, as well as parenting goals.

* I want to seriously work on my patience, I mean very seriously. I am not a patient person I have never been a patient person but I intend on trying very hard to improve this. I don’t believe that I can be the best parent I can be without having a little more patience so this is a very high priority for me.

* I need to improve my organisation! this is my first step making a plan, plans mean I am organised right? It never ceases to amaze me that I can plan a whole wedding from start to finish and have it run without a hitch to schedule, but I cannot make it to playgroup on time with only myself Master 5 and Master 1. I am considering setting up a checklist for each day it seems to work with the weddings maybe it could work with 2 children.

*I would like to spend some me time, in discovering what it is that I want from life (other than that holiday apartment in Rome). I want to know who I want to be, what I want to achieve. I know already I have achieved so much but for me I have always felt there is something missing and I want to be able to find that something. Maybe it means studying, maybe it means a change of jobs but this year I want to discover what it is and work towards it.

* Finally I want to search deep and decide whether or not I have the strength to try for another baby, make a decision as to whether our family is complete or if there is another little person just waiting to join us.

I know 4 goals isnt major but I think it is a start and I know that to really achieve these there is a lot of thought and action that needs to put into place so I don’t want to overdo it.

I don’t want to set unrealistic resolutions like loose 10kgs ( that would be awesome but so would winning the lottery) or stop drinking alcohol  (that is just impossible with all the celebrations this year!).

I am learning to be happy in what I have and make the most of it. I am getting healthy by being smart about the way we live and I think that along with my challenges for the year is more than enough to keep me busy and I am sure will make for some very interesting posts in 2013!



Yes I know that we are a full week into the new year now however, I had decided to take a couple of days off the computer and that then led into a whole week or so.

So i know that many people out there have already moved on from 2012 wrapped up their year and have now embraced the new year however for me I am yet to do that, so find below the highs and lows of my 2012 and what if anything I managed to learn!

2012 started as any year a fast come down after the CHristmas and New Year period but was thoroughly enjoyed as I spent the first 3 months planning and refining our amazing family holiday to Europe.

Our Europe trip we lasted for a month was the most amazing month of my life. It was a forever dream that I did not expect to experience for at least another 15years. Sharing that experience with my boys and hubby was so amazing and despite the huge amount of walking and the hundreds of churches that we entered there was very little complaining.

We saw Italy and all its beauties, Rome and its History from the unbelievable structures like the Colosseum, the Pantheon and Vatican city all the way down to its cobblestones, Pompeii and Naples, the beautiful canals of Venice and the city and beautiful hills surrounding Florence and Tuscany.

We then went on to view the very beautiful Paris city centre and a trip to everyone’s favourite Disneyland!

We spent an amazing week with family in London and Yorkshire, meeting in-laws and having plenty of celebratory drinks.

Finally onto Dubai where we enjoyed a nice relaxing few days playing at the amazing Palm Atlantis swimming with Dolphins, playing in the water park and skiing in the local shopping centre.

After our amazing time away it was back to reality and work hunting until we were surprised to find out that we were expecting our 3rd baby, so after having many uncomfortable days of morning sickness we announced to family our excitement. Only to find out at 17 weeks that our poor little babies heart had stopped beating. After the trauma and loss times got hard but we had plenty of family and friends there for us and we slowly began to heal.

The last 3 months of the year passed in a blur with so much going on Master 5 graduated from preschool and had lots of celebrations with friends and meetings with his new teachers and school.

Throughout the year we also celebrated friends 30th birthdays, weddings and engagements. And hubby also celebrated his 30th birthday surrounded by friends and family.

So despite the very low lows of this year, it was a year with much love, laughter, friendship and support and most important memories that we will have with us forever!

Thank you to all of you who helped make this year what it was and I look forward to all the engagements, weddings and babies to come in 2013!