Merry Christmas!

To all of you may today be a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas is one of my very favourite times of the year, and I know it is for many but remember always that it is about the gift of giving and receiving despite the price or size that is important.

That the people who are important to you are the ones that you spend your Christmas with and for those that you cannot see on Christmas make sure they know that you are sending them all your love in every possible way even though you can’t be with them.

And for all those that are no longer with us to enjoy christmas or any holidays may they look down on us and know that not having them here leaves a small in our hearts and that the memories of them keep smiles on our faces and many thoughts of love and laughter of all the times we shared.

I hope that for you Christmas is even more special than the last, that memories flow and that joy and thanks is celebrated to the very extreme.

And to all my family and friends that I can’t be with today may you know that we Love you all and we are so very grateful to have you in our lives.

So to all again a very Merry Christmas and God bless!



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