Christmas Eve I love you!

I love Christmas Eve, I love the anticipation that it brings and the butterflies in your stomach that something special is just around the corner.

I know that this feeling should probably be reserved for less childish events but I love christmas and yes I am like a very big kid. Although I will admit it is nowhere near as good when you’re an adult as when you were a child. But being surrounded by children who are so very excited about what tomorrow will bring certainly increases ones own excitement.

And as much as I do yes love Christmas and Christmas Eve equally and I look forward to them and the little sparkles they will bring to my gorgeous boys eyes I know that this Christmas Eve it will bring small squabbles, likely injuries and some very frustrated adults.

You see this year after the struggle  I know I am going to have of getting Master 1 and Master 5 not only to go to bed but to actually fall asleep, Hubby and I along with the help of my sister and her partner are going to put together some serious sized toys!

As the boys don’t really need much this year we decided to splurge on some outside toys, Grandma and Grandad have purchased them a very large trampoline that we will be constructing this evening so it’s up and ready to go first thing in the morning, apparently however, this take a long time for even the most handy of tradesman.

Then there is the swing set from me and hubby that we also wanted to have up and ready to go for first thing in the morning, because lets face it there is nothing worst then opening a box at christmas and not being able to play with whatever is  inside straight away.

So despite the long night that we have install for us and the inevitable disagreements of how to read the very vague instruction manual I know that Christmas Eve I will continue to love you only this year it may be with a few cursed words!



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