Santa, why are you so scary?

What is it about Santa that has little kids running in fear, hiding behind mums dress and bursting in to tears at the sight of the big jolly man in red with the flowing white beard?

Christmas is about Joy and excitement and many special things both to adults and to children, so why is it that the main association for most children is one that they fear? I wonder is it because of the fear that is created by adults threatening Santa’s power? Santa sees all and knows all so I could understand that the thought of meeting someone so mighty and powerful may be a little off-putting for those children that are a little older and can comprehend that aspect.

All maybe for the new school starters it is the thought that Santa has the power to decide what you get for Christmas, how many presents you get or whether or not you get anything at all.

But for all those littles that are clutching at dresses and hiding behind mums, or even bursting in to tears, for all those little ones under the age of 3 what is it that has them react the way they do? Is it the all red outfit – because I am sure that they have seen mum or someone in a red dress? Or maybe the spectacles – that can’t possibly be it so many people wear them these days? So that only leaves the long white hair and beard – probably not something they would see everyday, maybe its time Santa had a make over, had a shave and a haircut so that these precious little munchkins can have a photo with smiles instead of tears.

Or maybe the overly priced photo centres that are producing the annual photo that us parents force upon many a reluctant child to show off to family and friends and whoever we can get to look, could invent a program so that all of those scary aspects of Santa can be photoshopped after the photo is taken.

I don’t know what the answer is but surely they can think of something so that I don’t end up with another photo like this!


Despite the littlies fear of Santa, I hope he is good to you this year!



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