You Hurt My Feelings

“You Hurt My Feelings!” said with so much conviction, pain and tears were the words that came out of Master 5’s mouth this morning.

Hearing him say it to me made my heart-break a little even though the reason I had hurt his feelings was justified and trivial it still hurt to know that I had hurt him enough to say those words, he doesn’t string that sentence together often, maybe only once or twice before have I heard him say that.

Now those of you who know me well, know I am not the most patient person, I am a yeller runs in the blood I think, I get cranky easy and feel as though I am always rushed and frustrated if things are going the way I want.

This is especially true with the boys, I feel that I daily fight a battle for them to listen and do what they want, however, of late my mission is to change my ways, improve my patience and speak gently and reasonable and try using a timeout as opposed to loosing my voice every time the boys are messing up.

So this morning whilst trying to vacuum and dust and a page long of other chores I had put the boys in the toyroom to play nicely together. That was the plan, it was going well for a while until Master 1 started crying, I asked Master 5 to please stop sitting on top of him, let him up and play nice. Again I heard Master 1 begin to cry so this time I threatened, I told Master 5 that if he again sat on top of Master 1 and made him cry I would delete his latest episode of Play School.

To which he responded in cries and promises that he would do the right thing. And he did, for at least 5 minutes. Then again I heard Master 1 start crying and screaming. So without anymore threats or yelling I immediately deleted Play school, I knew if I thought about it I would feel bad and not go through with it so I deleted it and then proceeded to tell Master 5 just that.

Well then I had to screaming and crying boys, Master 1 because he had been squished and mauled and Master 5 as I had finally found a punishment that may just work going forward. And after about 5minutes of listening to these cries Master 5 shouted out the dreaded phrase. Which in turn hurt my feelings.

It was then I knew I needed to speak with him and try to explain, hopefully it got through, hopefully now he understands that there is punishment and repercussions for hurting others. That pain follows pain, and hopefully that will help as a lesson for him in life that when you inflict pain, it will find you too!

Here’s hoping it’s a lesson he will remember although I am sure there will be many more situations like this over again, before it finally sinks in.



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