One in Every Group!

It amazes me that no matter the age of men there is still one in every group that can’t help himself when it comes to hitting on girls.

It doesn’t matter how nice they seem, whether or not they are in a relationship or how old the girl is he will have a shot just to see if he has any chance.

I witnessed this just the other night when out to dinner and drinks with friends and family.

We had run into a friend of a friends who sat down to have a drink and a quick catch up. He spoke of his new girlfriend and what his been up to of late. We talked general chit-chat about holidays and weather, and just as he was about to leave and rejoin his friends, my friend returned to the table after getting our drinks.

Then it started, he forgot all about rejoining his friends, he spent the next half hour trying to convince my very beautiful friend that she should go and get a drink with him despite the obvious reluctance she was showing he persisted.

Now the fact that he is close to 15 years her senior did not bother me, or the fact that he was very obviously hitting on her didn’t bother me either because I know that she would have told him to get lost if she wanted to. What did bother me was the fact that he has just minutes before told us all about his new girlfriend and how nice she was and how happy they had been last for the 3months they have been dating.

It was not just my friend that I was feeling for but for this poor girlfriend that I had just heard so much about.

So I ponder, what it is with some men that causes them to act this way, to never be settled to never be quite content? To feel like they need constant approval from women to feel like they can have anyone and everyone that they so desire.

Then I think that I don’t need to ponder so much on this as I am one of the lucky ones I have a man who is happy and content and I plan on making sure he stays that way!



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