Well its now December and officially the kids have gone Christmas mad! Which for me is great because I love Christmas and the spirit of Christmas and all the lovely music and present buying and tree and light decorating just as much if not more than the children!

We decorated our christmas tree on December 1st as per tradition and since then without fail the first thing Master 5 does upon waking is check the advent tree to see what is hiding in the days little box. (Note to self:  next year don’t put any lollies or chocolate in there. – they don’t really equal a healthy breakfast but I can’t expect the kids not to eat them straight away, not without a tantrum anyway.)

We are also patiently awaiting the day where my husband finally gives in to the constant questioning of when can we go and see the light spectacular. He will give in eventually! I know exactly how it will go he will try a couple of times to distract the issue by taking us to see the houses decorated in our area and we will all smile and love it, but all the while we know that if we keep asking he will give in and take us to the hunter too!

However, so far the most exciting thing for me has been watching master 1 finally discover the excitement and joy of christmas. This is helped along by myself and Master 5, as we encourage him to play with our little nativity scene and help decorate and point out all the beautiful decorations in the shopping centres.

And, now finally he has learnt to say Santa! He is over the moon and the fact that he has been able to pronounce this in a way that we can understand him. Whilst grocery shopping with him I am sure more than 30 times I had to confirm that he was correct and that the picture hanging from the ceiling, or the plush toy we walked past or the plates we brought did in fact have Santa pictures on them. Yes I got sick of my own voice saying “Yes that’s Santa” but seeing how happy is little face was when he saw him made it all worth while.

I only hope now we get the same response when we finally get to meet Santa and have a photo!



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