Beautiful Day!

Well finally we have a beautiful day here on the Peninsula. After a weekend of crazy weather the sun has finally found a way to come out and stay out. Although with the amount of wind that is about a storm could be blowing in at any minute.

If the weekend is anything to go by then I expect rain by about 9pm this evening.

Over the weekend we suffered some very severe storms that have reeked havoc on the area and there are trees down everywhere and SES have been working tirelessly to clean up the street and assist all those houses that have suffered.

Fortunately none of our large trees came down. However, we did have a few incidents during Saturday nights severe storm. Our new whirly bird went for a spin, not round and round on the roof like it is supposed to but right off the roof down the street and settled in a garden on the bend more than 2oo metres from our house, so having no whirly bird left a gaping big hole in our roof therefore, the rain started to leak in through the roof.

Luckily the baby bath was close at hand to collect the endless supply of water that seemed to be streaming in through my living room ceiling.

Not only did we have rain but we had some very crazy wind, the bbq was pushed half way along the balcony from the force and our outdoor setting was blown across the yard and wedged itself into the next door neighbours tree snapping both its legs in the process.

So despite all of the chaos I am still smiling because thankfully our insurance covers storms!

And now looking out on this very beautiful day it seems if the weekend of storms was just a dream and that summer may well have appeared!

I must say though I thoroughly enjoyed watching the very beautiful lightning storm out over the water!

Hope the weather wherever you are is just as beautiful as it is here today.



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