A Friend

Yesterday I lost a friend in a horrific car accident. He was a young man full of fun and laughter, always ready to have a good time and make others laugh.

He was full of spirit and was taken from us far to early. We had known each other since we were 4 years old where we met with all the other scared little kids on our first day of kindergarten.

Through out primary school he excelled at sports his favourite I am sure was tormenting the girls! He was a nice kid with a mischievous streak and would do whatever he needed to in order to defend who or what he believed in.

As usual life went on we grew up and were finally ready to graduate to high school where many of us went different ways.

So although we didn’t see him at school every day and he made many new friends every time we would run into each other he was just the same and we could laugh and joke like old times.

Even though we have not been close for many years he has always been someone who I have seen on occasion and have enjoyed being able to catch up with. I am going to miss those intermittent reunions and that mischievous smile.

My heart goes out to his family and to all his close friends of which he has many, I cannot begin to imagine the pain that you are feeling. The pain I felt and tears I shed must be nothing in comparison to what you are going through.

To his very special mum I send you all my love, as I know what a wonderful person you are, you taught me much not just on the netball court but in life and one of those things was how to love your children I have never met a mother more adoring of her boys and I am so very sorry for the pain and loss you are feeling I hope that you can find some comfort in the amazing life he lived and the beautiful boy that you have raised!



Merry Christmas!

To all of you may today be a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas is one of my very favourite times of the year, and I know it is for many but remember always that it is about the gift of giving and receiving despite the price or size that is important.

That the people who are important to you are the ones that you spend your Christmas with and for those that you cannot see on Christmas make sure they know that you are sending them all your love in every possible way even though you can’t be with them.

And for all those that are no longer with us to enjoy christmas or any holidays may they look down on us and know that not having them here leaves a small in our hearts and that the memories of them keep smiles on our faces and many thoughts of love and laughter of all the times we shared.

I hope that for you Christmas is even more special than the last, that memories flow and that joy and thanks is celebrated to the very extreme.

And to all my family and friends that I can’t be with today may you know that we Love you all and we are so very grateful to have you in our lives.

So to all again a very Merry Christmas and God bless!


Christmas Eve I love you!

I love Christmas Eve, I love the anticipation that it brings and the butterflies in your stomach that something special is just around the corner.

I know that this feeling should probably be reserved for less childish events but I love christmas and yes I am like a very big kid. Although I will admit it is nowhere near as good when you’re an adult as when you were a child. But being surrounded by children who are so very excited about what tomorrow will bring certainly increases ones own excitement.

And as much as I do yes love Christmas and Christmas Eve equally and I look forward to them and the little sparkles they will bring to my gorgeous boys eyes I know that this Christmas Eve it will bring small squabbles, likely injuries and some very frustrated adults.

You see this year after the struggle  I know I am going to have of getting Master 1 and Master 5 not only to go to bed but to actually fall asleep, Hubby and I along with the help of my sister and her partner are going to put together some serious sized toys!

As the boys don’t really need much this year we decided to splurge on some outside toys, Grandma and Grandad have purchased them a very large trampoline that we will be constructing this evening so it’s up and ready to go first thing in the morning, apparently however, this take a long time for even the most handy of tradesman.

Then there is the swing set from me and hubby that we also wanted to have up and ready to go for first thing in the morning, because lets face it there is nothing worst then opening a box at christmas and not being able to play with whatever is  inside straight away.

So despite the long night that we have install for us and the inevitable disagreements of how to read the very vague instruction manual I know that Christmas Eve I will continue to love you only this year it may be with a few cursed words!


Santa, why are you so scary?

What is it about Santa that has little kids running in fear, hiding behind mums dress and bursting in to tears at the sight of the big jolly man in red with the flowing white beard?

Christmas is about Joy and excitement and many special things both to adults and to children, so why is it that the main association for most children is one that they fear? I wonder is it because of the fear that is created by adults threatening Santa’s power? Santa sees all and knows all so I could understand that the thought of meeting someone so mighty and powerful may be a little off-putting for those children that are a little older and can comprehend that aspect.

All maybe for the new school starters it is the thought that Santa has the power to decide what you get for Christmas, how many presents you get or whether or not you get anything at all.

But for all those littles that are clutching at dresses and hiding behind mums, or even bursting in to tears, for all those little ones under the age of 3 what is it that has them react the way they do? Is it the all red outfit – because I am sure that they have seen mum or someone in a red dress? Or maybe the spectacles – that can’t possibly be it so many people wear them these days? So that only leaves the long white hair and beard – probably not something they would see everyday, maybe its time Santa had a make over, had a shave and a haircut so that these precious little munchkins can have a photo with smiles instead of tears.

Or maybe the overly priced photo centres that are producing the annual photo that us parents force upon many a reluctant child to show off to family and friends and whoever we can get to look, could invent a program so that all of those scary aspects of Santa can be photoshopped after the photo is taken.

I don’t know what the answer is but surely they can think of something so that I don’t end up with another photo like this!


Despite the littlies fear of Santa, I hope he is good to you this year!


You Hurt My Feelings

“You Hurt My Feelings!” said with so much conviction, pain and tears were the words that came out of Master 5’s mouth this morning.

Hearing him say it to me made my heart-break a little even though the reason I had hurt his feelings was justified and trivial it still hurt to know that I had hurt him enough to say those words, he doesn’t string that sentence together often, maybe only once or twice before have I heard him say that.

Now those of you who know me well, know I am not the most patient person, I am a yeller runs in the blood I think, I get cranky easy and feel as though I am always rushed and frustrated if things are going the way I want.

This is especially true with the boys, I feel that I daily fight a battle for them to listen and do what they want, however, of late my mission is to change my ways, improve my patience and speak gently and reasonable and try using a timeout as opposed to loosing my voice every time the boys are messing up.

So this morning whilst trying to vacuum and dust and a page long of other chores I had put the boys in the toyroom to play nicely together. That was the plan, it was going well for a while until Master 1 started crying, I asked Master 5 to please stop sitting on top of him, let him up and play nice. Again I heard Master 1 begin to cry so this time I threatened, I told Master 5 that if he again sat on top of Master 1 and made him cry I would delete his latest episode of Play School.

To which he responded in cries and promises that he would do the right thing. And he did, for at least 5 minutes. Then again I heard Master 1 start crying and screaming. So without anymore threats or yelling I immediately deleted Play school, I knew if I thought about it I would feel bad and not go through with it so I deleted it and then proceeded to tell Master 5 just that.

Well then I had to screaming and crying boys, Master 1 because he had been squished and mauled and Master 5 as I had finally found a punishment that may just work going forward. And after about 5minutes of listening to these cries Master 5 shouted out the dreaded phrase. Which in turn hurt my feelings.

It was then I knew I needed to speak with him and try to explain, hopefully it got through, hopefully now he understands that there is punishment and repercussions for hurting others. That pain follows pain, and hopefully that will help as a lesson for him in life that when you inflict pain, it will find you too!

Here’s hoping it’s a lesson he will remember although I am sure there will be many more situations like this over again, before it finally sinks in.


One in Every Group!

It amazes me that no matter the age of men there is still one in every group that can’t help himself when it comes to hitting on girls.

It doesn’t matter how nice they seem, whether or not they are in a relationship or how old the girl is he will have a shot just to see if he has any chance.

I witnessed this just the other night when out to dinner and drinks with friends and family.

We had run into a friend of a friends who sat down to have a drink and a quick catch up. He spoke of his new girlfriend and what his been up to of late. We talked general chit-chat about holidays and weather, and just as he was about to leave and rejoin his friends, my friend returned to the table after getting our drinks.

Then it started, he forgot all about rejoining his friends, he spent the next half hour trying to convince my very beautiful friend that she should go and get a drink with him despite the obvious reluctance she was showing he persisted.

Now the fact that he is close to 15 years her senior did not bother me, or the fact that he was very obviously hitting on her didn’t bother me either because I know that she would have told him to get lost if she wanted to. What did bother me was the fact that he has just minutes before told us all about his new girlfriend and how nice she was and how happy they had been last for the 3months they have been dating.

It was not just my friend that I was feeling for but for this poor girlfriend that I had just heard so much about.

So I ponder, what it is with some men that causes them to act this way, to never be settled to never be quite content? To feel like they need constant approval from women to feel like they can have anyone and everyone that they so desire.

Then I think that I don’t need to ponder so much on this as I am one of the lucky ones I have a man who is happy and content and I plan on making sure he stays that way!



Well its now December and officially the kids have gone Christmas mad! Which for me is great because I love Christmas and the spirit of Christmas and all the lovely music and present buying and tree and light decorating just as much if not more than the children!

We decorated our christmas tree on December 1st as per tradition and since then without fail the first thing Master 5 does upon waking is check the advent tree to see what is hiding in the days little box. (Note to self:  next year don’t put any lollies or chocolate in there. – they don’t really equal a healthy breakfast but I can’t expect the kids not to eat them straight away, not without a tantrum anyway.)

We are also patiently awaiting the day where my husband finally gives in to the constant questioning of when can we go and see the light spectacular. He will give in eventually! I know exactly how it will go he will try a couple of times to distract the issue by taking us to see the houses decorated in our area and we will all smile and love it, but all the while we know that if we keep asking he will give in and take us to the hunter too!

However, so far the most exciting thing for me has been watching master 1 finally discover the excitement and joy of christmas. This is helped along by myself and Master 5, as we encourage him to play with our little nativity scene and help decorate and point out all the beautiful decorations in the shopping centres.

And, now finally he has learnt to say Santa! He is over the moon and the fact that he has been able to pronounce this in a way that we can understand him. Whilst grocery shopping with him I am sure more than 30 times I had to confirm that he was correct and that the picture hanging from the ceiling, or the plush toy we walked past or the plates we brought did in fact have Santa pictures on them. Yes I got sick of my own voice saying “Yes that’s Santa” but seeing how happy is little face was when he saw him made it all worth while.

I only hope now we get the same response when we finally get to meet Santa and have a photo!


Beautiful Day!

Well finally we have a beautiful day here on the Peninsula. After a weekend of crazy weather the sun has finally found a way to come out and stay out. Although with the amount of wind that is about a storm could be blowing in at any minute.

If the weekend is anything to go by then I expect rain by about 9pm this evening.

Over the weekend we suffered some very severe storms that have reeked havoc on the area and there are trees down everywhere and SES have been working tirelessly to clean up the street and assist all those houses that have suffered.

Fortunately none of our large trees came down. However, we did have a few incidents during Saturday nights severe storm. Our new whirly bird went for a spin, not round and round on the roof like it is supposed to but right off the roof down the street and settled in a garden on the bend more than 2oo metres from our house, so having no whirly bird left a gaping big hole in our roof therefore, the rain started to leak in through the roof.

Luckily the baby bath was close at hand to collect the endless supply of water that seemed to be streaming in through my living room ceiling.

Not only did we have rain but we had some very crazy wind, the bbq was pushed half way along the balcony from the force and our outdoor setting was blown across the yard and wedged itself into the next door neighbours tree snapping both its legs in the process.

So despite all of the chaos I am still smiling because thankfully our insurance covers storms!

And now looking out on this very beautiful day it seems if the weekend of storms was just a dream and that summer may well have appeared!

I must say though I thoroughly enjoyed watching the very beautiful lightning storm out over the water!

Hope the weather wherever you are is just as beautiful as it is here today.