Losing Loved Ones

It’s never easy losing a loved one, whether it was something expecxted due to an illness or it was due to an unexpected accident that inital shock of being told that they are gone is so overwhelming and so all encompassing that we become frozen in such a state of disbelief, we are undoubtedly at such a loss.

Grief automatically commences and although it is so natural to grieve and although we all experience the “5 stages of grief” in different ways we do all experience them, each and every stage. It is the only way to cope, our way of being able to deal and our way to accept.

It doesn’t matter the strength of the relationship you had with this person or the history that may have been between you, if there was any feeling of love, of caring of warmth between you the stages of grief are the same, they are overwhelming and confusing and frustrating all at the same time. Even knowing that you are working your way through a process to reach the final acceptance does not make dealing with each of these stages any easier.

Each love one that we loose creates different emotions within us, each relationship we have is different, the history you hold with one person could never be the same with any other person and for that reason you can never expect to feel the same loss or the same pain for someone else.

Whether the person was very close to you or someone you cared for and rarely saw or spoke to, or someone whom you once held a connection with, the pain and emptiness will not subside without dealing with all of these stages, all of these emotions.

And all of those loved ones that have gone before us would want for us to deal with these stages, so we can be at ease, so we can accept that they have gone so that we can move forward and continue to live without them physically but with them always in our heart, our soul, our mind.

To all our loved ones that have passes, may you rest in peace and God Bless.



Rainy Days

Well it’s seems that this weather really does not know what it is suppose to be doing up here on the Peninsula!

Often the rain clouds pass us by opting to unleash their wrath out at sea leaving us only with some unbelievable images as we sit down on the beach and enjoy the show. Magnificent to watch with lightening striking between Islands and the clouds forming and dispersing rapidly creating many fantastic photo opportunities and often leaving us with an unbelievable rainbow at the conclusion

. However, recently we have had been switching daily through dramatic weather changes, summer heat to pouring rain, to cold and miserable misty days.

But as I was thinking how annoying this weather has been for us here making it very difficult to plan what we are going to do tomorrow, questioning whether swimming lessons will be on or if tennis is cancelled. I stopped myself because really on the scales that is not such a big deal, I / We cant really complain about such trivial matters not in comparison to the wild weather, the constant rain, the wind the storms that  other Australian towns have been facing, where the rain is failing to ease and the dams threaten to spill over. People in those towns have reason to complain, although I think in many cases they are to busy to even consider it.

Busy sandbagging, and getting pets and loved ones out safe before the waters rise. Saving some of their valuables or the irreplaceable momentos, photos and memories that are at high risk of being destroyed before things  become so bad that they can no longer stay in their homes.

My heart goes out to all of those families and businesses that are now inundated with water, or those that wait threatened of being washed out. May you all remember that life is the only thing worth saving so  stay safe and clear of the flood waters don’t endanger yourselves or others for material posessions and may all the volunteers, police, rescue, fire brigade that risk their lives for others be especially safe in these dangerous conditions.

As I sit here writing this, again, the large grey clouds have opened upon us and although I know that rain is not preferable for me today if it eases rain from those towns that are in desperate circumstances then I am very happy to have it!


Jealous Families

Well I know it has been a while, 2 weeks I think, and I know that if I intend on blogging I should probably make it more of a regular occurence. However, who would expect that a 9month old doesn’t play on his own when you want him to? Or doesn’t stay asleep just that extra 20minutes so that mummy can get to the computer.

So much has been happening and I have had so much on my mind, we spend last weekend at the in laws helping my gorgeous sister in law and her partner celebrate their recent Engagement (unfortunately some of her soon to be in-laws trashed her house and started a fight) which really got me thinking about family and jealousy.

Personally coming from a very large extended family I have never really felt that there was a lot of Jealousy (or if there has been I was to young to remember it) between cousins, aunts, uncles etc. and I have been especially lucky that within my immediate family we try and support each other as best we can. Small issues sometimes come up like me wanting the new dress my sister brought etc. but I usually give it back after borrowing it (or she steals it back).

But the jealousy I witnessed was unexcusable, why would you not be happy for your brother? He has a loving fiance, a loving family of 3 small children, he is working his backside off in a business he runs with his dad and has recently brought a new home (it’s not like they paid for the house in cash it’s a mortgage like most peoples.)

So why not be happy for them? I cannot understand what must go through ones mind for them to be so jealous that they reach a point where you feel you must trash a siblings house?(and I dont mean beer bottles everywhere – I mean broken doors & smashed glass)  You should be there for your sibling because if they have always been there for you, always helped you when you were down, or alone you would want to repay them, support them and be there for them just like they were for you!

Well for now I really hope that the old saying is true, “What goes around comes around” and to my gorgeous sister in law no matter how many times I wish I had legs or boobs like yours, no matter how many times I think it would be so great to have a house that big with a beautiful yard, I will never ever be jealous I will only ever be thankful for the love and support we share! And we will always be there for you and your family no matter what!