Quiet Weekends

So this is the first weekend that we have had for along time with no plans, nothing on, nowhere to be! well almost, hubby had to duck out for 3 hours yesterday to do some community volunteer work but other then that we have done nothing but relax about the house, (some house work completed) played with the kids and gone on some very long but very nice walks! Oh and of course spent some time at the beach…

However looking at the calendar for the next 2 months (all the weekends) between now and the trip seem so jam packed that I dont think I am going to know if I am coming or going! On the upside it means that the weeks are going to fly bye and we will be jet setting half way across the world before I know it. However, it also means that some of the organising time I was planning on will be diminished, I guess that just means I am definitely going to have to force some organisation on to us in the evenings, as I am so afraid of leaving everything to the last minute (school habits die hard)!

We do have so many great things on these weekends though! We have two weddings to attend with very beautiful couples in two amazing locations! One down the south coast right on the beach and the other in the gorgeous hunter valley (lucky for me we have some great friends coming down south to the watch the boys – getting some practice in I think! and then as the 2nd wedding is so close to where I grew up I am sure that the boys will love haning out where family – havent asked anyone yet so any takers let me know… lol)

We have an engagement party for my beautiful sister in law in Sydney (which I still need to get a new dress for, and since I am a bridesmaid I have told hubby it’s compulsory that I get to buy a new dress!)

We have a birthday party, work commitments and then thrown in the mix is Easter and the school holidays so all of these weekends are going to be busy and alot of time will be spent on the road but they are all going to be filled with lots of fun and laughter and I think that it works out quite well  it allows us some great time to spend with family and friends before we head overseas with just our little family!

Well now we are going to head out for a walk to the beach and enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend!

Hope you weekends have been relaxing, fun or adventurous. Whatever you needed it to be!



9 Weeks to go!

Ok so it is only 9 weeks today until we will be touching down in Rome! excited much? Yes I am!

I have spent the last 2 days looking into and booking our day tours throughout Rome, Venice and am about to do Florence and Paris. Every time I take a look at the options I get more and more excited! There is so many options and I wish we had even more time so that we could take in alot more.

We are obviously doing the major sites and tours and intend on being absolute tourists! Although we have had a few snags with some of the tours that we would like to do because of the kids I think we are still going to be able to see everything that we want.

So far I have booked walking tours througout Rome, both during the day and at night, A day trip to Naples and Pompeii, an extensive tour of the colosseum and a boat trip to the 3 main Islands off Venice – Muran, Burano and Torcello. With so much more to come!

And just in case you are thinking of travelling to Rome with little ones anytime soon and are doing the Vatican as we will be, they now have a family tour! Like a treasure hunt for the kids and you to do together aided by a map and audio headset, it looks great and me and Master 4 are definitely very excited about this, we love pirates and treasures!

I did find it awfully difficult when I first started planning this trip. You can not take children under the age of 5 or 6 on pre organised tours (the kind that travel between towns and see nearly everything you want with the one package) even though they are classed as family tours. So we have had to organise private tours for everything that we want to see, so yes it is a bit more expensive but I guess on the up side it means we get to spend some more time in each of the cities that we choose and we don’t have to see things that we dont want to or have to wait around for other people.

But it has been an experience planning this trip and I have learnt even more about the many cities we will be visiting so that has definitely been an added bonus! and it has definitely increased my excitement 10 fold!

So to all those families out there that have wanted to or have considered travelling with kids but think –  it can’t be done, it’s to hard, there is so much to organise. It is definitely worth it and although as the days draw nearer I am dreading that 24 hour flight more and more I know that this is a trip of a Lifetime!

My Lifetime Dream and why shouldn’t I experience that with my little family! Let them experience other cultures, expose them to other worlds, I just know every difficulty we face whilst on this trip will be outweighed by all we will learn and how we will develop together!

So just do it, book your flights, trowl the internet for best hotel deals and definitely check out www.Viator.com the best website I have  found for booking transfers and tours at the best prices by far!

Happy Saint Valentines Day

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day Everyone, for all those that celebrating this annual event I hope that you received a lovely bunch of flowers or some very yummy chocolates! Or if you are like my husband and I more then the normal dose of kisses and cuddles from your loved ones.

However this valentine I have spent the day explaining a few very important details to Master 4.

When I woke and headed down stairs I found Master 4 sat on the lounge watching tv I gave him a large Kiss and cuddle and said Happy valentines day! He looked at me confused and asked what I meant. I explained that Valentines Day started with St Valentine many hundreds of years ago and that people now use this special day to celebrate with people they love. His response was “so do I get a present today?”

After discussing with him the meaning of giving and that physical gifts arent the only things we give, that there is love, kisses and hugs and telling people that you love them more then usual (I think that he got the gist of it as he has been lovingly snuggling me throughout the day kissing me and telling me he loves me every 5 mins! – very cute, all the while telling me that he loves his pre school teacher too!)

But his initial reponse got me thinking, obviously there is alot of money in the marketing of Valentines day and that is why as soon as the Christmas decorations are down the hearts come out in the shops. But of all the people I know most are either celebrating Valentines day or acting like it doesnt exist.

 Those in young love, new relationships or repairing old relationships are celebrating in one way or another, then there are those that are in long term relationships, have been married for a long time or are just against being suckered into all the materialism that goes hand in hand with such a day.

Is there no inbetween? Can we celebrate without going overboard or are gestures of love and romance that are not swarming with materialism considered half efforts by society? It seems gone are the days where are lovely home made card a quick note to say I love you or even some flowers picked from the garden are not good enough. I wish that could just change a little bit.

We no longer celebrate Valentine’s day like we did when we first met 6 years ago but we do still honour it as a special day! Instead of chocolates and flowers or gifts and cards we celebrate with having a favourite meal, putting the kids to bed early and having an hour or so to ourselves to talk and catch up on things that we havent had time for in the daily grind!

What do you do for Valentine’s Day, Celebrate? Not?

So I hope that all your Valentine’s day were as perfect as you wished and that you spent it with loved ones!

Below is my favourite quote on love and one of the readings from our wedding I think it sums up everything that needs to be said about love and life in general.

Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous;

love does not brag and is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly;

it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered,

does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth;

bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Love never fails…But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7,13

Oh and in less then 3 months we will be in the City Of Love!! Can’t wait.




10 weeks to go!

So it is exactly 10 weeks today until we will be landing in Rome Italy! I am so very excited and am in the process of researching and booking in our day trips and tours in and around Rome and Paris.

However this week has been spectacularly busy! With Master 4 back at pre school now 3 days a week, swimming lessons for him and master 8 months (of course on separate days – seemed like a good idea at the time), tennis lessons and a trip to the Dr / hospital every day this week I have spent little to no time on our trip.

I have however, had time to keep updated with some of the going ons of the interenet, in particular the out burst that has come about with the banning of images of breastfeeding mothers on Facebook. I personally am disgusted that this has happened and I agree with many other bloggers that women should be sticking together on this.

As a mother of two boys both whom I breastfed I know what it can be like being subject to filthy looks because you showed a bit to much nipple trying to get it into bubbas mouth or that occassionaly there is a leak through your bra due to the crying of your newborn, I even once had the unpleasant circumstance of having an elderly man telling me that it was disgusting that I was feeding my baby out in the open – I was sat in the foodcourt having my lunch whilst feeding my 3 week old. It was the first time I had been out on my own and the very first time I felt comfortable feeding  in the open, needless to say I was shocked and mortified that not only would someone think that, but that they would say it.  I felt like bursting into tears! However, I choose to ignore it knowing that no matter what I said it would not change his opinion or his lifelong views.

Once he had walked away however, as is always the case I thought of many come backs that I should have or would like to have said, like “he deserves his lunch as well – if your allowed to eat here why cant he” but I kept these comments to myself and have regreted it ever since. Even though I know if I had said something it would have changed nothing it would have been my opportunity to stand up for women everywhere! So now I stand up for myself and all those other mothers who are either scared or embarrassed to feed out in the open because they may be scrutinised, it is natural to breastfeed your child if you can and you choose to do so, dont lock yourself away dont feel uncomfortable that gorgous little baby depends on you every waking moment, you supply them with the nurition and love that they need to grow and thrive, be proud and confident!

Here is  a photo of me feeding my first baby his very first feed, thus the bad hair and the puffy face.

Mum n Bub bonding