Hello world!

Well hello world indeed!

This is my very first attempt at writing on my newly created Blog. As well as the first time in a very long time that I have written anything that is important to me.

My idea for starting this blog is to record my life with my beautiful boys and gorgeous husband our daily triumphs, tantrums, challenges and love that fills our life here on the beautiful Port Stephens Peninsula. As well as using this opportunity to write about all things that are important to me!

 One of the very first things that I plan on writing about is our very exciting family trip to Europe.

This is my life long dream, initially this didn’t  include 2 little ones in tow but that is the path life has taken us on. So even though I am slightly dreading a 24hour flight with a 4-year-old and a 10 month old, the thought of pick pockets and how much patience we will all have with one another, I just know that the excitement and awe that we will feel will definitely out way any small unpleasant moments like tantrums.

I am planning on updating my blog with the final touches to our planning (only 87 days to go!!!) and if time and location allows updates of our trip as we go.

The biggest plan that I have putting in place since booking our accommodation is trying to keep master 4’s excitement, attention and knowledge up to date so that when we are overseas he knows all about the places we are visiting as well as being aware that there are some places that we are going to visit that he is highly likely to get bored at.

He is however very excited about a few places, including; Pompeii – has not stopped talking about the Volcano, the Colosseum – where he cant wait to fight like the Gladiators did, and the Eiffel tower!

So as our holiday gets nearer I plan on updating our planning and organisation as well as writing about our wonderful life and its experiences here on the Port Stephens Peninsula!

I hope you enjoy and I appreciate any comments or feedback.